Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge
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UAB Department of Mathematics participates this year for the first time in the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC), a summer program of introduction to research, with 132 young scientists between 16 and 18 years old from around the world, organized by the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Participants must complete a selection process, in which they must submit texts and videos explaining their trajectory and motivation, and can be selected, through a personal interview, for one of the 11 research projects. Those selected will personally visit the research centers between 5 and 16 July to develop the projects as a team.

The project of our Department is

Can computers do math? An approach through axiomatic geometry

Can a computer understand, or even prove a theorem? 

Axiomatic geometry (300 BC) constructs all our geometric knowledge by reasoning logically from a minimum set of premises or postulates. Similarly, recent programs such as LEAN (2013) have taken on the challenge of formalizing and even creating mathematics.
Come and see how far a computer can go doing geometry!

This project is coordinated by Marc Masdeu and Roberto Rubio. You can find more information at:
If you know someone who might be interested, the deadline to apply is February 23 (1st call) or April 8 (2nd call). More information at:

Research Marc Masdeu i Roberto Rubio
Author  Marc Masdeu i Roberto Rubio
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