Training for Kangaroo and Olympics
01.09.2018 Popularization  -  Training sessions for the Mathematical Kangaroo competition and the Mathematical Olympiad.
Every year, the department offers weekly sessions for high school students who wish to participate in the Mathematical Kangaroo competition or the Mathematical Olympiad, or simply want to do more mathematics.

The aim of these sessions is to deepen some concepts and mathematical techniques that allow students to cope with increased strength and preparation for tests, but especially enjoy facing new challenges with other young mathematicians who share the same hobby.

Sessions for Mathematical Kangaroo:
Aimed at second year of secondary education.
Calendar: Thursday groups from October 25th 2018 to March 14th 2019.
Hours: 17 to 19 hours.
Place: Classroom C5/016 Facultat de Ciències. Campus UAB (Bellaterra)
Teachers:  Josep Gascón (email:

Sessions for the Mathematical Olympiad:
Aimed at secondary school 1st and 2nd.
Schedule: Thursday from October 4th 2018 until end of 11th April 2019.
Schedule: 17:30 to 20:30.
Place: room C3B/111 - Facultat de Ciències.Campus UAB (Bellaterra)
Professor: Dolors Herbera (email:

Registration: Secretary of the SCM, Núria Fuster
Phone: 93 324 85 83 or email:

Contact the Departament de Matemàtiques: María José Calejo
Phone 93.581.11.37 or email:
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