The situation of LGBTIQ+ people during the confinement

La situaciˇ de les persones LGBTIQ durant el confinament

Lucas Platero, Doctor in Sociology and researcher at the Department of Social Psychology at the UAB, reflects on the situation of LGBTIQ+ people during confinement.


What are the specific and additional barriers that LGBTIQ+ people have faced during confinement? "The people in the community were already at a 'disadvantage' compared to the rest of the population, and for many, the situation of confinement has made it worse." From the Observatory we would like to encourage people to reflect on the Covid-19 crisis from the gender and LGBTIG+ perspectives, on this occasion with the researcher Lucas Platero.

"We have found up to 6 key factors that have determined the psychosocial health of young people and teenagers of the community." In a research carried out jointly with Miguel Ángel López Sáez, lecturer at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, they conclude that some of these factors are the reduction of positive social interactions with respect to their identity, an increase in negative social interactions, an increase in various ailments and the lack of specific attention from schools or educational centres.

Lucas Platero is a Doctor in Sociology, university lecturer and researcher at the Department of Social Psychology at the UAB. He has published several articles in research journals, both at the national and international levels, and is the author of books such as Intersecciones. Cuerpos y sexualidades en la encrucijada (Bellaterra, 2012), Trans*exualidades. Acompañamientos, factores de salud y recursos educativos (Bellaterra, 2014), Por un chato de vino. Historias de travestismo y masculinidad femenina (Bellaterra, 2015), y Barbarismos queer y otras esdrújulas (Bellaterra, 2017).


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