Ideas Generation Programme - Smart Food registration open!

Inscripcions obertes al Programa Generaci d'Idees en smart food

The 10th edition of the Ideas Generation Programme seeks PhD students and researchers interested in solving smart food challenges, such as reducing food waste, eliminating plastics or decreasing the use of antibiotics.


Registration is now open. The programme, which will begin on 16 October and last two months (Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.), is addressed to researchers from all disciplines and from all universities, since it aims to create smart food projects from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Smart food is understood as food based on healthy foods through personal awareness. They are foods that increase their quality through the application of new technologies.

In this context, scientific community has defined four challenges in this field: reduction of food waste, reduction of plastics in the different stages of the agri-food chain, decrease the use of antibiotics in livestock production, and promote personalised nutrition.

The Ideas Generation Programme is looking for researchers who can provide innovative solutions to these challenges or propose solutions to other challenges they have found. The entrepreneurship programme will end with a final competition in which the most innovative project will be chosen. The winning project will receive a cash prize and six months in the UAB Research Park incubator.

This 10th edition is particularly special because the best UAB Open Labs project will also be chosen. The project that obtains the UAB Open Lab Prize at the final competition of the Ideas Generation Program will participate in the last stage of the programme, the validation and prototyping.

Thus, the Ideas Generation Programme forms part of a broader initiative within the Higher European project. And therefore the programme includes a final prototyping phase at the UAB Open Labs. At the moment an initial laboratory of ideas phase has begun with research personnel, businesses and consumers who will use the design thinking methodology to define the parameters of the programme.

It will also include the financial support of the Ministry for Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia and co-funding from the European Social Funds through the Catalunya Emprèn Programme.

Information session at the Faculty of Biosciences
On 17 September at 12 noon, all those interested can attend the information session at the Sala de Juntes of the Faculty of Biosciences.

More information
Ideas Generation Programme website


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