General information

STICK Project

Erasmus+ programme

This programme offers the chance to participate in an Erasmus+ KA103 mobility to those athlete-students who want to combine their academic exchange with their elite sport's requirements, enhancing their dual careers. Currently the project is focused on field hockey as a pilot sport, but final results are expected to take into consideration all sports, mainly amateurs.

Who can be considered as High Dedication Athlete?

Those students who:

  • Participate in tournaments and competitions at international level
  • Represent the national team and play at international level.
  • Compete and train at national leagues (or in a high level performance national competition)
  • Dedicate an average mean of 15 hours or more per week to the corresponding sport
  • Are considered as high-level athlete by national or international federations

The exchange procedure follows almost the same steps as a regular Erasmus+ KA103 mobility, however there are some specificities.

There are special requeriments and steps to apply into this programme, click here to know them.

4 parts involved: The interinstitutional agreement not only include both home and host university but also the home club and a host university's nearby club.

Mandatory documentation: The major part of the regular exchange documents have been adapted to the STICK programme, there are new ones as well. Check them here.

Dual Career co-ordinators and coaches involved: Their roles are essential in all the procedure and during the exchange.

Schedule: Regular deadlines are subject to some changes, due the complexity of combining both academic and sports calendars. It is highly recommended to participate in a full year exchange, in order to accomplish with the club's needs (competitions). 

Here you can visit the official website of the STICK Project