Financial Assistance

The SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education) is the entity that distributes funds from the European Union destined to provide financial assistance to participants in the Erasmus+ programme. The grants will be awarded in line with the same criteria used in the selection process until the totality of the funding is exhausted.

It will be possible to finance up to a maximum of 5 months per stay. In case of availability of funds, the possibility of financing all or part of the stay exceeding 5 months will be evaluated.

PhD Students receiving financial assistance from the Erasmus+ programme will receive the funds by bank transfer in two payments: the first for approximately 70% of the total after they leave Spain. To receive the first payment students must have submitted the original signed subvention agreement and filled in their bank details on SIGMA, have taken the initial language level test (see the OLS section) and submitted their arrival certificate. All four of these actions are essential for receipt of the payment.

The second payment, of the remaining amount, will take place when the student has returned and carried out the following tasks: take the second language level test (see the OLS section), presented the certificate of the exchange visit signed by the destination university (and clearly containing the start and end dates: day, month and year) and filled in the report on the exchange visit using the Mobility Tool (see detailed information in the student Erasmus+ dossier available on the UAB website, at the Mobility and Exchange link). For the month of the start and the month of the end of the visit, which are not normally full months, the dates of travel are taken into account and students are paid proportionally for the actual days of the visit during those months (calculating on the basis that one month has 30 days).

Where there is not enough financial support available for all the students, they can do the stay on the Erasmus+ “zero grant” mode.

Community contribution:

Table of amounts of financial support by country of destination:

AMOUNTS 2019/20
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, United Kingdom*, Sweden   
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal  
Bulgaria, Croatia,Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  

*Condition that United Kingdom continues to be part of the Erasmus + program or another legal framework established to cover the mobilities in the United Kingdom.

Additional support for cases of economic hardship

They will be able to receive an additional grant of € 200 the doctorates that are in one of these situations:

a) First year PhD students who receive community support during the course 2019/20 and during the course 2018/19 have been beneficiaries of a general grant from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Those will be entitled to an additional €200/month grant, which will be awarded to PhD students once the UAB receives the funds corresponding by SEPIE.

b) PhD students that have the status of refugees or with the right to subsidiary protection or that have submitted the request for international protection in Spain.

Compatibility of Erasmus+ grants with other financial support

The Erasmus + PhD scholarships are incompatible with those contracts likely to be financed with European funds (for example FPU, FPI, FI), as well as with any other financial support to carry out stays abroad in the bases of which this incompatibility is specified.