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To do an Erasmus+ exchange stay students must have nationality, permanent or temporary residence, or refugee or stateless status in one of the states participating in the Erasmus+ programme (see the list in the general information section).

Students must be registered on a PhD programme at the UAB during the 2020/21.

Students must not have previously done exchange visits with thin modalities of Erasmus+ studies or work experience at PhD level of a period of more than 9 months, given that according to the Erasmus+ visit calculator students may spend a maximum of 12 months per educational cycle on the Erasmus+ programme. Visits to Switzerland are not included in this restriction.

The PhD programme on which students are registered must have an exchange agreement with the corresponding exchange programme and also have the approval or the coordinator of the PhD programme. Where there is no valid agreement at the university where the student wants to do the exchange visit, a new agreement may be signed as long as this occurs before the visit takes place.

The partner higher education institutions must agree on the learning agreement for studies that the PhD students have to follow before the exchange visit takes place.

Students must have the agreement of the supervisor or tutor and the coordinator of the PhD programme that the work plan is fitting for the lines of research of the PhD programme.

Student must commit themselves to applying for the International Doctoral Research Component.

Proof of having medical and civil responsibility insurance is required.

Selection criteria

Priority criteria for PhD students, ordered from greater to lesser weighting:

  • Not having undertaken other exchange visit of more than 3 months in international centre during the period of the PhD programme.
    • Not having undertaken visits of more than 3 months: 8 points.
    • Have undertaken visits of more than 3 months: 0 punts.
  • Academic year for PhD students:
    • Second and third year PhD students during the academic year: 5 points.
    • First year PhD students: 2.5 points.
    • PhD students in the first extension year: 1 point.
  • In the case of equal points being awarded the PhD student’s academic activities will be taken into account (participation in conferences, articles, etc.).

For the consideration of applications and the award of mobility exchange visits a Selection Committee will be set up made up of the Vice Rector for International Relations and Transfer and the academic secretary of the School for Doctoral Studies, or their representatives.

Exchange visit periods

The minimum period will be 3 months and up to 12 months for each cycle of studies may be taken.

The visits may be taken during the 2020/21academic year.


The Erasmus + PhD scholarships are incompatible with those contracts likely to be financed with European funds (for example FPU, FPI, FI), as well as with any other financial support to carry out stays abroad in the bases of which this incompatibility is specified.


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