Call for applications for AIDA Programme grants: Grants for the Intensification of Teaching in English (English as a Medium of Instruction at the UAB Programme, academic year 2019-2020)

Grant provider

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


UAB Plan for Languages (2016-2020)


To promote teaching in English to students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with the following aims:
  1. To improve competence in the English language and in intercultural communication by local students.
  2. Attracting international students who do not know Spanish or Catalan.
  3. Facilitating double degrees and joints qualifications.

Purpose of the grant
To finance the participation of teaching and research staff of the UAB who have to give their classes in English on the Teaching Support programme. The programme is divided into four actions:
  1. Intensive English for Academic Staff course
  2. English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) Intensive Training
  3. Teaching practice: class observation and tutorial
  4. Accreditation

Type of aid

Other aids


The total provision for this call for grant applications is €20,000.

Intended applicants

Teaching & research staff


Centres of the UAB that want to promote programmes for the extension and intensification of teaching in English within their Bachelor’s and master’s degree courses.

Selection criteria

Stage One
Open call for projects presented by centres.

Stage Two
If there are vacancies on any of the courses or actions included in the programme, individual applications will be accepted and if successful individuals may join the courses and activities subsidised within this programme.

If the number of applications does not exhaust the amount budgeted for grants, the grant selection committee may agree to the offer of other courses and actions destined to promoting the use of English in teaching at the UAB.


The teaching staff participating in the programme must have and be able to accredit a minimum level B2 in English.


This grant is compatible with other grants and funding awarded for the same purpose as long as they are destined to cover different costs.

Official document

Publication date


Opening date


Date of submission to the Agency convener


Resolution date



The projects presented to this call for applications must contain at least the following information:
  1. Project objective.
  2. Qualifications involved.
  3. List of subjects and number of groups; number of students registered.
  4. List of teaching staff involved, with information about their level of English wherever possible, and their contract type (permanent/temporary).
  5. Mechanisms planned to ensure the continued offer of teaching in English.
  6. Involvement of permanent teaching staff in the proposal.
  7. Agreement of the Faculty Board.
  8. Previous experience at the centre, where appropriate.


Application form


Applications may be presented to the General Registry of the UAB from 24 April to 31 May 2019.

Commitment of the beneficiaries
Centres benefiting from the grants must present an annual report on the progression of the programme





93 581 13 25 / 93 433 50 60


Applications will be considered by a committee made up of the Vice Rector for International Relations, the Vice Rector of the Academic Programming and Quality and the Director of the Language Service.

The final decision will be published on the UAB Search website http://www.uab.cat/beques-ajuts/.