CCall for applications: support for correcting teaching materials in English, 2019.

Grant provider

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


UAB Plan for Languages (2016-2020)


To assist in the correction of Catalan and English materials used by lecturers who teach in these languages on undergraduate and master's degree courses. To assist in the correction of course guides written in these two languages for any UAB subject, irrespective of the language in which it is delivered.
There are two types of grant:
  1. Grants for the correction of teaching materials in English
  2. Grants for the correction of teaching materials in Catalan

Type of aid



The total amount to be allocated under this programme is €5.000.
The maximum allocation per person and subject is €650.
After the first semester in the academic year, any funds allocated that have not been used up entirely for the purpose of correcting teaching materials will be made available in the next call.

Intended applicants

Teaching & research staff


This support may be provided to academic staff of the UAB engaged in teaching in English or Catalan on a UAB bachelor's degree or official master’s degree, in accordance with the teaching programme approved for each degree.

The teaching materials to be corrected must be of a minimum linguistic standard, as determined by the Language Service. If not, the support may be withdrawn. 

Selection criteria

If available funds are insufficient to satisfy all the demand, priority will be given to those applications that would benefit the largest number of students. In the case of English, priority is given to applications from lecturers who are taking part in the AIDA programme to promote the use of English as a medium of instruction. 

Part of the total funding available may be reserved for the second semester of the year, to enable applications to be made in both semesters. 

Also, at least 25% of the total allocation will be reserved for teaching materials in Catalan and at least another 25% for those in English, provided that there are enough applications to reach these minimums.


The support takes the form of a subsidy towards the cost of correcting the materials. The correction process (fees, correctors, etc.) is managed by the Language Service (Servei de Llengües), which will determine the minimum time needed to complete it.

If a lecturer has not been assigned to a subject during the application period for this support, the person responsible for the subject may submit the application. Afterwards, if the support is provided, the Language Service must be informed of the name of the lecturer for the subject. 

The materials must be sent during 2019, so that the work is performed within the financial year corresponding to the funding.

In the case of course guides, the text to be revised is the part left to the author's discretion.


This support is incompatible with any other support or grant provided for the same purpose.

Official document

Publication date


Opening date


Date of submission to the Agency convener



Those interested in applying for this support should complete the application form in the annex to this call for applications and submit it to the General Registry Office (Registre General) of the UAB.

Dates for submitting applications
The period for submitting applications is open from the date of publication of the call for applications until 29 November 2019.


Application form


The Language Service will make a decision on successful application on the last working day of each month (except the month of August), by delegation of the Language Policy Commission, which is informed annually of the resolutions made. Applications must be received at least ten working days before the date the resolution is published.
The resolution will be published on the UAB’s grants portal: