Call for grant applications for organising events on language diversity management in UAB classrooms (2019)

Grant provider

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


UAB Plan for Languages (2016-2020)


As the UAB and its students become more and more international in nature, lecturers often have to cope with classes that are highly diverse in terms of languages and cultures. 

These grants aim to help in organising conferences and seminars, to be held in 2019, for lecturers to share their experiences in managing diversity in UAB classrooms or research groups.

The grants are intended to cover the following costs, partially or fully.
  1. Organising, publicising and conducting the event.
  2. Remuneration for speakers, which may cover their participation in the event and travel expenses.
  3. Financial assistance for students and young researchers attending the event.
  4. Coffee breaks.

Type of aid

Other aids


The total amount to be allocated in grants during this call for applications is €1,000. The maximum amount to be allocated per application is €500. Only one application may be presented per activity.

Once the grant has been awarded 60% will be paid in advance and the remining 40% will be paid when 100% of the expenses has been justified and at the latest by 29 November 2019.

Intended applicants

Administration & services staff
Teaching & research staff


Academic staff and Administration and Services staff who are member of the organising committee of the event may apply for the grants.

Selection criteria

Where the total amount available is not sufficient to meet the maximum amount planned for each activity, the grants will be divided among the successful projects.


The conference or seminar must be held before the final date of accountability: 29 November 2019.


This grant is compatible with other grants and funding awarded for the same purpose as long as they are destined to cover different costs.

Official document

Publication date


Opening date


Date of submission to the Agency convener


Resolution date



Applicants must fill in the grant application form.
Applications may be made for both past and future activities.


Application form


The application period for this call is from 22 March to 30 April 2019. Applications should be submitted to 6the General Registry of the UAB.

The recipient of the grant must justify its use by 29 November 2019 at the latest.
The following documents are necessary for justification:
a) Report of the activity.
b) Certification of all expenses covered by the grant.




93 581 13 25 / 93 433 50 60


The International Relations and Language Policy Committee is the body responsible for deciding on successful applications.
The decisions will be made public on the UABCercador portal  <http://www.uab.cat/beques-ajuts/>.

You can find more information in the section on decisions taken by the Commission on International Relations and Language Policy (link)