Call for application for language learning grants for students undertaking degree-related work experience abroad (2019)

Grant provider

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Plan for Language of the UAB (2016-2020)


To facilitate knowledge of languages necessary for students undertaking language-based work experience abroad associated with their degree.

Type of aid



Total finding for the grants is €4,000.

The maximum amount awarded is 50% of the price of the course, taking as a reference the prices of courses at the Language Service.

If available funds are insufficient to allow the maximum amount to be granted, these will be distributed equally among the successful applicants. 

A reservation for the amount required may be made during the first application period in order to ensure sufficient funding is available for the second application period.

Intended applicants

Doctorate student
Graduate students
Official master students


Students taking bachelor's degrees, masters' degrees and PhD courses and who are registered at any of the UAB centres in 2018-2019 can apply. Students must be in possession of an Erasmus Practice grant or a grant for other curricular practice abroad managed by UAB centres or departments in 2018-2019 during the months of October, November and December 2019. Students must also have passed a foreign language course in 2017-2018 or 2018-2019.   

Have passed a language course during the period established in the call for applications.

Courses must be organised by the bodies included in the MOBINT call for application (taula d'idiomes CIC i ACLES) or in European university language centres.

Only one grant may be awarded per person and application.

Selection criteria

Where there are questions about the nature of the course or the certificate accrediting a pass, the Language Service will decide whether the application is eligible or not for the grant.


This support is incompatible with any other awarded for the same purpose.

Official document

Publication date


Opening date


Date of submission to the Agency convener



Applicants must present the following documents to the General Registry of the UAB
  • Application form, annexed to this call for applications.
  • Photocopy of DNI, NIE or passport.
  • Where the courses was not taken at the UAB Language Service a certified copy of the certificate issued by the orgaganisation where the course was taken and passed should be presented. The certificate should specify the course dates, total number of hours and the equivalent level according to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). For courses that do not specify the achievement of one of the CEFR levels or a final exam, a certificate of attendance will be required from the centre where the course was taken.
  • Where the courses was not taken at the UAB Language Service, justification of payment for the course is required.
  • Where applicants do not have an Erasmus Work Experience grant but the university accepts that they are going to undertake similar work experience abroad a certificate from the company, organisation or research group where the work experience will take place is required.


Application form


There are two application periods:
  • From 22 March to 30 April 2019.
  • From 15 October to 19 November 2019.




93 581 13 25


The Language Service will make a decision by delegation of the International Relations and Language Policy Committee which is informed annually of it. 

The decision will be made public on the UABcercador website:  http://www.uab.cat/beques-ajuts/ one month after the closing date for the application period.