5th call for postdoctoral research placements

Grant provider

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


The UAB announces its fiftth call for 9 postdoctoral research placements for research staff in training in departments and institutes of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,.

Type of aid

Staff incorporation




The gross annual amount of the grant is ¤26,719 per year. Payment is made in 14 instalments per year.

Intended applicants

Doctorate student
Teaching & research staff

Type of course



In order to be eligible for this competition, applicants must fulfil the following requirements:
a) Hold a doctorate qualification obtained after 1 July 2000 from a university other than Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (the date of obtaining the qualification is understood as the date on which the thesis was presented and accepted), or after 1 July 1999 if, before the end of the acceptance period for the placement, it can be justified that after this date the candidate has been on maternity leave, caring for a child of less than 6 years of age or caring for a person with a physical, mental or sensorial disability, or for a person older than sixty-five who depend on the candidate and requirement special treatment.
b) Candidates who obtained their doctorate from the UAB in the periods indicated above are also eligible if they can demonstrate that they have spent a postdoctoral period at other universities or research centres for a minimum of two years at the time of incorporation.
c) Candidates who have not been contracted or received grants from the UAB in the two years immediately preceding this grant call.


The contract will last a period of one year and may be extended one more year, except in the case of the type of interruption outlined in section 17 of this call.


Incorporation must take place in the first three months of 2012 on the signing of the corresponding employment contract.

Official document

Publication date


Opening date


Date of submission to the Agency convener



All compulsory fields on the application form must be fully completed. This must be submitted in digital format, together with the following documents:
1) Copy of your ID card or Passport.
2) Curriculum vitae.
3) Copy of your PhD. If you have not yet received your certificate when applying, please include an explanatory document indicating the date on which you will receive it.
4) A brief description of your project.
5) Self-assessment form (Appendix III).
6) Acceptance letter by a UAB research group, including the name of the head researcher of the department you are applying for according to the list included in Appendix I.
7) Two reference letters must be sent before the end of the application period from UAB institucional e-mail addresses. The subject must read: "Beques UAB: Name of the Applicant" and the letters must be sent to the following address: incorporacio.mobilitat.agr@uab.cat
8) Your application will be officially submitted at the moment in which you see the reference number of your application appear on the screen. This same number will be sent to you by e-mail.

Application site



The final decision on the call will be made public in the month of December. The legal period during which a final decision can be reached is six months starting from the first day following the applications deadline. If once this period has passed there is no official announcement of the decision it will be understood, through administrative silence, that the grant application has been denied.