Student stalls

Student stalls

Paradetes FMUAB

Do you wish to set up a student stall?

The FMUAB2019 will be held next November 7th between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m., at plaça Civica and plaça del Coneixement. Student stalls located in plaça del Coneixement are a distinctive mark of the Festa Major and an important part of its own organization.
This year, you will get the chance to run a single or double stall.
If you are a student group and you wish to run a stall at the FMUAB, you have to take into account the following:

Participation conditions

1.To apply for a Student stall you must to fill in the form you will find in this link. The deadline to apply is on October 23rd, 2019.

2.The applying group must entirely be composed of students enrolled in the UAB the current academic year. The stall cannot be run by people outside the UAB community.

3.The prioritization criteria for the stalls allocation among the applicants is as follows:
a) Active societies registered in elDirectori, including student bodies, have priority over all other applications.
b) The student societies in the final years of each degree will have priority over the lower years. In case of an excessive number of applications, it will be ensured that all the faculties are represented.
c) In the case of equal conditions in the above-mentioned points, the order of registration will determine the allocation.
d) The allocation of double stalls will be technically assessed on the basis of the collective’s ability to mobilize in the context of the FMUAB.

4. Applications will require:
a) A name, telephone number and contact mail which will be the only means of communication between the Community Involvement unit and the applicant society.
b) 8 reference persons to run the stall in case of a single stall, or 12 in the case a double stall. The name, surname and ID number of each person must be indicated.
c) Applications for forms which are not fully completed will not be accepted.

5. The allocation will be published on October 24 on the website and will be communicated to all applicant groups by post.

6. A waiting list will be created in the event of more applications than Stalls. The Community Involvement unit will contact the members of this list in case there are free places.

FMUAB Student Stalls Commitments

7. Students running a stall must participate in the training sessions that will take place on October 29th, 30th and 31st. At least two students from each stall must attend each session. The final schedule of these sessions will be confirmed to those who will have allocated a stall. Among other topics, the training will consist in a) Responsible distribution of alcohol, b) How to prepare non-alcoholic cocktails, c) FMUAB environmental management, d) Food handling, e) What to do in case of emergency and f) Point against gender violence in the FMUAB.

8. The allocation will be revoked to those stall members that do not attend the training sessions and their place will be given to the waiting list.

9. The student stalls must offer a non-alcoholic cocktail among their products and it must be visibly shown somewhere in the stall.

10. The stalls cannot sell beverages with a gradation superior to 20º nor use oils, fire or flammable material.

11. The stalls must stop their activity at 9 p.m.

12. The stalls cannot connect sound equipments to the net, since FMUAB music will be scheduled in the stages, as a result of the proposals done by the community and supervised through the call Autònoma Actua.

13. The stall members will help in the FMUAB environmental management, they will have to avoid create unnecessary litter and will do a selective collection of the litter.

14.  The stalls must use reusable cups. Plastic, glass or single use material cups cannot be used.

15. The stall members will help cleaning the space they occupied during the FMUAB. This means that, when FMUAB2019 will have ended, stall members will have to contact with the organization in order to check out the place.

16.  Student stalls will collaborate in spreading the safety measures, evacuation measures and the awareness-raising measures specific in the FM 2019 promoted by the organization.


17. Participants must post a bond of 100€, in case of a single stall, or 200€, if it is a double stall. The bond must be paid by a bank card in the Àgora Building on October 30th between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. In the event of non-payment, the stall will give its place to an applicant in the waiting list.

18. The refund criteria of the total and partial sum of the bond will be announced in the training sessions, but they are based in: a) Collaboration in the environmental management, b) Cleaning the place occupied by the stall, c) Return the material lent by the organization and d) Meeting the commitments as a stall member with the FMUAB organization.

19. There are three cases of not refunding entirely the bond: a) Not to offer a non-alcoholic drink, b) Not to stop the activity at 9 p.m. and c) in case of problems of coexistence.

20.  The bond will be refunded to the bank card on November 25th and 27th between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

21.  In the event of the stall member do not attend the indicated meetings, the bond cannot be refunded. In such case, the organization will not assume the responsibility of the penalty banking institution impose to the bond refunding.

Student stall support at the FMUAB

22. The Community Involvement unit will give to the stall members accreditations to have access to the party area in order to make the necessary arrangements to their activity. Only the accredited participants can make arrangements during the FMUAB.

23. The organization will put at the disposal of the stalls reusable cups between 12 a.m. and 9 p.m.

24. The organization will put at the disposal of the stalls the needed material to run the stall at plaça del Coneixement, which must be returned at the end of the activity.

25. The organization will be the link between the stalls and the FMUAB official provider. This will be the only provider that stall members can turn to.  The commercial deal will be made directly between the stalls and the provider the same day of the FMUAB.

26. The organization will put at the disposal of the stalls litter bins, wastepaper baskets and bags to enable the selective collection of the litter and a green point at plaça del Coneixement on November 7th in two time slots between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

27. The organization will put at the disposal of the stalls a care and information point at plaça del Coneixement to solve possible electrical, material and coexistence incidents that occur during the FMUAB. The timetable will be from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.