Poetry Slam FMUAB

FMUAB Poetry Slam


First edition

The event will take place on next November 7th from 4 p.m. to 18 p.m., at UAB Theatre

Participation conditions:

1.    People aged over 18 can participate. To participate it is required to fill in this form before November 3rd at 11:30 p.m. (A.K.A., first name, family name, email, phone number, if you are a UAB student or you are part of the Alumni)
2.    The places to participate are limited —up to 10 contestants— therefore the people belonging to the university community will have priority to participate. Besides that, the order of inscription will determine the admission of the other contestants.
3.    The contestants must be the authors of the texts they will recite. The theme and the language are free and the contestant cannot use any object or props; they can only use their voice, their body and a microphone.
4.    The competition consist of two rounds with 3 minutes speeches. The poems recited must be different in each round.
The 4 contestant who receive the higher score during the first round will get to the second one.
5.    The winner of the FMUAB Poetry Slam will be the person who receives the higher score during the second round. Scoring is not cumulative.
6.    The winner of the first edition of FMUAB Poetry Slam will be awarded with 150€*.
7.    The jury will consist of 5 people of the audience. They will receive a board and a marker so they can write the scoring at the end of each speech. There will be a different jury in every round.
8.    The poems will be scored from 0 to 10. It is allowed to use decimal places (only 0.50). The higher score and the lower score will be eliminated. The final score will be the result of the sum of the 3 remaining scores.
9.    In the event of a contestant do not keep to time, they will be penalized as follows:
-    If the contestant exceeds 10 seconds (3 minutes 11 seconds) 1 point is subtracted.
-     If the contestant exceeds 20 seconds (3 minutes 21 seconds) 2 points are subtracted.
-    If the contestant exceeds 30 seconds (3 minutes 31 seconds) 3 points are subtracted.
-     If the contestant exceeds 40 seconds (3 minutes 41 seconds) the contestant will be eliminated.
10.    The organization can eliminate a contestant in case that a contestant makes sexist, homophobic, racist or fascist comments in the poem.

The contestants must go to the UAB Theatre one hour before the beginning of the competition.

With the registration, the contestants accept the participations conditions and they allow the organization to record or take photos of the event.
* The amount of the prize is subject to the deductions applicable according to the current regulations.