FM Photo contest

Festa Major Photo Contest

Concurs de fotografies de la FM

The aim of this contest is to compile photographs to capture the UAB community's experiences in the celebration of the FMUAB throughout the years.

The FMUAB 2018 Edition will be held on November 6th and on the occasion of the celebration of 50 years of UAB we want to display the history of this celebration through your own experiences. You can participate in the Historical Photos Contest of Festa Major de la UAB by sending pictures from your experiences during past editions of Festa Major de la UAB.

The contest is open to everyone who has been part of the university's community: alumni, students, Administration and Services Staff and academic staff, 10 pictures being the maximum per person.

The photographs must have been taken during a previous Festa Major de la UAB and must be original and unpublished. Photos can be submitted until October 21st 2018. You must attach the pictures in an email to in JPEG or PNG format and indicate your name, surname, pseudonym, contact number, connection with UAB (student, Administration and Services Staff ; Academic Staff; alumni) as well as the title and description of each photograph.

Alumni UAB will release the proposed photographs between October 23rd and November 2nd through Alumni UAB's social media (Facebook and Instagram) and FMUAB's social media (Facebook) to be put to a popular vote. The Jury will value the three most voted proposals and might add more finalists according to its valuation. The results will be public on the website Viure el Campus and the prize of the Polaroid OneStep 2 camera will be delivered on November 8th at the Sala de Teatre de la UAB at 2pm.

Contest Rules