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Elections for elDirectori's Coordination Platform

Elections for elDirectori's Coordination Platform

ElDirectori's Coordination Platform is the UAB's associations representative as well as the responsible for being the Assemblea d'elDirectori's spokesperson, occupy the spaces reserved for student societies in the Commission of Evaluation of the Grants for participation of the UAB students, in the Students council of the UAB and the Commission of Students and Employability, as well as organizing the assemblies' agenda together with Dinamització Comunitària and coordinate relationships and feedback of the actions of the Assembly's coordinator.
These elections are constitutive of the body. It is formed by 5 students that must be part of one of the student societies enrolled at the elDirectori.

According to what was decided in the assemblies of elDirectori where this issue was discussed (March 23rd of 2017, May 17th 2017 and May 24th 2018), this will be the procedure followed in order to elect the Coordinator of elDirectori:

1. Candidatures are individual, but will have to be supported by a society enrolled in elDirectori. They can be presented until January 28th. To do so, a form of candidacy will have to be filled and sent to

2. Two supporters will be accepted for each society enrolled at elDirectori.

3. Once the period is finished, final candidatures will be announced.

4. The five most voted candidatures will form elDirectori's Coordinator. Once it is formed, the Coordinator will distribute a role to each member. This proposal will have to be supported by the Assemblea del Directori.

5. The voting system will be by open list. Each voter will be able to elect as many candidates as roles to occupy, 5 in this case.

6. On February 12nd, elections will take place at Centre de Recursos per a Col·lectius, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

7. Societies enrolled at elDirectori in the moment of  creation of the electoral census will have right to vote. Voting is not individual. Each association delegates its vote to one of its members as a representative. Representatives will have to sign a form to prove that they are part of one of the societies enrolled at elDirectori.

8. Once the voting system finishes, the results will be published on February 18th of 2018.

9.  Electoral calendar:

January 21st Call for elections.
January 21st to January 24th Publication of the census.
January 23rd Election of the Board and Polling Station.
January 21st to January 28th Presentation of candidatures.
January 24th Publication of the definitive census.
January 30th Provisional announcement of candidatures.
January 31st to February 1st Period for complaints on candidatures' announcement.
February 4th Definite announcement of candidatures.
February 4th to February 11th Electoral campaign.
February 12nd Elections for the elDirectori's Coordinator.
February 13rd Provisional announcement of the elections result.
February 15th Period for presentig claims against the results.
February 18th Final results announcement.