Representation in working Commissions

Student Representatives are the mediators between the academic group, the faculty and university. For this reason, they are involved in the academic monitoring of each degree and the promotion of good practices in the day-to-day life in class.

Likewise, they also have direct contact with students, whom they represent, and are an important link for the institution to know the students’ requests and needs.

For this reason, their participation in different committees is requested so that students’ voice can be represented. Student Representatives currently work in the following working committees:

Committee for the elaboration of the 4th Action Plan for Equality Between Men and Women
The Observatory for Equality is starting to prepare the fourth action plan for equality between men and women in UAB. Once the third action plan’s validity ended, a new process starts with a new proposal of measures. These measures emerge from the results obtained after evaluating the degree of implementation of the actions in the third plan and also on the diagnosis of UAB’s situation concerning gender equality and, thirdly, from the revision of current regulations and bibliography related to this topic.  
After an open call to all Student Representatives last December 2018, representatives who are currently part of the committee are:

•    Laia Montero, School of Engineering
•    Mònica Carnicé, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Committee for Evaluation Surveys
Evaluation surveys are a key tool in order to detect the strong and weak point of each course and the professors’ intervention. Therefore, this committee works to improve the system’s operation and suggest possible improvements.

The Student Representatives who are currently part of the committee are:
•    Sergi Soria Castro, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
•    Jordi Pedrero Kitson, School of Engineering
•    Maria Cobo de Nadal, Faculty of Medicine
•    Ana Perales Camposo, Faculty of Education