From February 4 the frequency of E3 bus line is improved
Img_noticia_E3_busUAB 28.01.2019  -  LEE 2 - Enhancement of collective public transport (UAB Mobility Plan, 2018-24)

From Monday, February 4, the bus line E3 Barcelona-Cerdanyola-UAB is modified. 

This modification is based on an improvement in the frequency and the creation of a direct route from Barcelona to UAB and UAB to Barcelona by motorway. 

The objectives of these modifications are:

  • Improving connectivity between Barcelona and the UAB Campus.
  • Making the E3 bus line a more attractive and competitive public transport alternative to other means of transport such as private motorized vehicle. 
  • Optimizing the general service of the line. 

Currently, the line make 39 expeditions a day in both directions (UAB-Barcelona and Barcelona-UAB); it has a frequency of between 20 and 30 minutes (depending on the time slot); and 35 minutes trips. 

In order to provide greater connectivity with the Campus, from February 4:

The number of
expeditions is increased (from 39 to 51), in both directions of circulations.
frequency is increased to 20 minutes throughout the day. 
travel time is increased (+10min) in order to give priority to the punctuality factor per stop.
direct 19-minute trips are added:
  • Two senses Barcelona-UAB at 7.30h and 7.50h.
  • One UAB-Barcelona sense at 14.36h. 
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