Balloon Analogue Risk Task to assess decision-making in acquired brain injury

Mercè Jodar Vicente

Traffic pollution exposure is associated with altered brain connectivity in school children
Deus Yela, Joan

Attenuated frontal and sensory inputs to the basal ganglia in cannabis users
Deus Yela, Joan

Assessment of cognition and language in the early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder: usefulness of the Bayley Scales of infant and toddler development, third edition
Brun Gasca, Carme

Cognitive and affective components of Theory of Mind in Oppositional Defiant Preschoolers: Clinical evidence
de la Osa Chaparro, Nuria
Ezpeleta Ascaso, Lourdes

Airborne copper exposure in school environments associated with poorer motor performance and altered basal ganglia
Deus Yela, Joan

Actualización de la depresión postictus: nuevos retos en pacientes con ictus minor o ataque isquémico transitorio
Deus Yela, Joan

Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Sensitivity to Punishment and Sensitivity to Reward Questionnaire for Children (SPSRQ-C)
de la Osa Chaparro, Nuria
Ezpeleta Ascaso, Lourdes

Parental Psychopathology Levels as a Moderator of Temperament and Oppopsitional Defiant Disorder Symptoms in Preschoolers
de la Osa Chaparro, Nuria
Ezpeleta Ascaso, Lourdes

Using the Collaborative Inquiry Method to Explore the Jesus Prayer
Deus Yela, Joan

Roundtable on the Prevention of Eating Disorders: The Catalan public policy initiative
Sánchez Carracedo, David

Body image dissatisfaction, physical activity and screen-time in Spanish adolescents
Sánchez Carracedo, David
Puntí Vidal, Joaquim

Towards a neurophysiological signature for fibromyalgia
Deus Yela, Joan

Video gaming in school children- how much is enough?
Deus Yela, Joan

Psycometric properties and normative data of the Zuckerman-Kuhlman personality questionnaire in a psychiatric outpatien sample
Gomà i Freixanet, Montserrat

Structural alterations of the pyramidal pathway in schizoid and schizotypal cluster A personality disorders
Obiols Llandrich, Jordi

Lack of Postprandial Peak in Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome
Deus Yela, Joan

The Interaction between Childhood Bullying and the FKBP5 Gene on Psychotic-Like Experiences and Stress Reactivity in Real Life
N.Barrantes - M.Mitjavila - P.Cristobal - S.Ballespí

Impact of adverse childhood experiences on psychotic-like symptoms and stress reactivity in daily life in nonclinical young adults
N.Barrantes - M.Mitjavila - P.Cristobal - S.Ballespí

Association between RGS4 variants and psychotic-like experiences in nonclinical individuals
N.Barrantes - P.Cristobal

Dance Practice and Wellbeing Correlates in Young Women
A. Muro

The COPE-48: an adapted version of the COPE inventory for use in clinical settings
Montserrat Gomà

Seven dimensions of personality pathology are under sexual selection in modern Spain
Eva Baillés - Jordi Obiols

Mediterranean diet adherence among Catalonian adolescents: socio-economic and lifestyle factors
David Sánchez

Does Time Perspective Predict Life Satisfaction? A Study Including Mindfulness as a Measure of Time Experience in a Sample of Catalan Students
A. Muro

Long-term course of borderline personality disorder: a prospective 10-year follow-up study
Joaquim Soler

Ayahuasca: pharmacology, neuroscience and therapeutic potential
Joaquim Soler

Psycometric properties of Spanish version of the nonattachment scales (NAS) and its relationship with Mindfulness, desentering and mental health
Joaquim Soler

Childhood trauma, BDNF Val66Met and subclinical psychotic experiences. Attempt at replication in two independent samples. (*Shared 1st authorship)
Neus Barrantes


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