Course of a major postpartum depressive episode: a prospective 2 years naturalistic follow-up study
Estel Gelabert Arbiol

Voz y habla de los niños con síndrome de deleción de 22q11
Carme Brun Gasca

Personality and Psychopathology as predictors of patient-initiated overuse in general practice
Montserrat Gomà i Freixanet

Prevalence, comorbidity, functioning and long-term effects of subthreshold oppositional defiant disorder in a community sample of preschoolers
Nuria de la Osa Chaparro
Lourdes Ezpeleta Ascaso

Association of OXTR rs53576 with the develpmental trajectories of callous-unemotional traits and stressful life events in 3 to 9 year old community children
Lourdes Ezpeleta Ascaso

First incidence, age of onset outcomes and risk factors of onset of DSM-5 oppositional defiant disorder: a cohort study of Spanish children from ages 3 to 9
Lourdes Ezpeleta Ascaso

Beyond diagnosis: Mentalization and mental health from a transdiagnostic point of view in adolescents from non-clinical population
Sergi Ballespí Sola
Neus Vidal Barrantes

To know or not to know? Mentalization as protection from somatic complaints
Sergi Ballespí Sola
Neus Vidal Barrantes

Testing the effects of gentle vibrotactile stimulation on symptom relief in fibromyalgia
Joan Deus Yela

Mapping Alterations of the Functional Structure of the
Cerebral Cortex in Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder

Joan Deus Yela

Lack of response to disgusting food in the hypothalamus and related structures in Prader Willi syndrome
Joan Deus Yela

Hypermentalizing in Social Anxiety: Evidence for a Context-Dependent Relationship
Sergi Ballespí Sola
Neus Vidal Barrantes

Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Version of Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM-32)
Teresa Gutiérrez Rosado


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