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Becari predoctoral: Pequerul Pavón, Raquel
Becari predoctoral: Rodríguez Calado, Sergi
Estudiant col·laborador: Berenguer de la Cuesta, Esther
Estudiant col·laborador: Carrascull Marín, Aleix
Estudiant col·laborador: Jiménez Aguilar, Rafael
Estudiant col·laborador: Montané Bel, Sergi
Estudiant col·laborador: Montpeyó Garcia-Moreno, David
Estudiant col·laborador: Pradas Gracias, Eddie
Estudiant col·laborador: Vrsanska , Martina
Estudiant col·laborador: Ylla Saez, Josep-Lluís
Master student : Alfonso Riguero, Paula
Master student : Contreras Encinas, Mª Carmen
PostDoc: Azarian , Miryan
PostDoc: Covaleda Cortés, Giovanni
Professor Associat: Lorenzo Rivera, Julia
Professor Titular: Vendrell Roca, Josep

Our research is mainly focused on finding novel molecules among metallocarboxypeptidases (CPs) and their proteinaceous inhibitors (as well as natural organic and synthetic) and on deciphering the detailed basis of their structure- function, folding and localization. Also, on applying such a knowledge for biotechnological and biomedical purposes, such as biodiversity, cancer, inflammation and malaria, and related drug discovery among others. Proteases are essential for living organisms, and around 2% of genes of upper eukaryotes codify for them (more than 600 in humans!). Only a fraction of their great diversity of protein forms has been identified, localized and characterized, as it is the case with the natural inhibitors that control them (generally proteins too). We are trying to do that on CPs by novel-innovative approaches, like proteomics, interactomics and mass-spectrometry methods, like "Tissue Imaging MS", among others.


•1.-Proteomics, Interactomics and Imaging
Development of technologies for the fast analysis of protein interactions and cellular-tissular localization ex-vivo/in-vivo, particularly by mass spectrometry (MaldiTof and Maldi-tissue imaging...) and fluorescence -based approaches (smart probes...).

•2. Engineering & Structural-functional analysis
-Mapping (by Xray, NMR, EM ...) the key elements in proteases and protease-inhibitor interaction by protein engineering and structural analysis.
-Applying to :
I) A/B and N/E subfamilies of metallocarboxypeptidases.
II) CCPs, novel subfamily of (cytosolic)metallocarboxypeptidases.
III) Protein & synthetic carboxypeptidase inhibitors & complexes,
and their biomedical applications.

•3. Drug discovery and biotechnological applications
-Find, design, develop and/or modify natural (proteinaceous) and synthetic inhibitory probes, to identify/ localize and image proteases in-vivo, and control them.
-Explore the use of carboxypeptidases and inhibitors for diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic approaches in Plasmodium-Malaria, cancer, fibrinolysis and inflammation, among others.
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