Climate-resilient Innovation Packages for EU regions (Innovation action)


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H2020 Climate, environment, resource efficiency and materials (SC5)

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Every additional half-degree of global warming may inflict a new order of magnitude of harmful consequences on planetary health as well as economic and social cohesion. The failure of economic, financial and industrial policies to sufficiently mitigate and adapt to climate change is more than ever a primary concern for societies worldwide. Europe?s commitment to accelerate efforts regarding climate change adaptation and to reach climate neutrality and resilience by 2050 is emphasised in the European Green Deal and will be further supported by the European economic recovery plan from the COVID-19 pandemic. In some regions and communities, incremental adaptation will not be sufficient to mitigate the impacts of climate change on socio-ecological systems. They need radical and transformative ways of reducing climate vulnerability and building resilience. Some solutions for regional adaptation have been developed and successfully tested at small scale, ranging from innovative technologies to nature-based solutions, new business models, as well as governance and social innovations. Now, the challenge is to scale up and demonstrate at large scale systemic solutions to trigger behavioural change and new ways of decision-making, while accounting for local and regional contexts. Multidisciplinary approaches that integrate technological, digital, business, governance, environmental dimensions with social innovation are needed for the development of adaptation pathways consistent with European Green Deal targets, and tailored to support the regions and communities most exposed to climate change impacts. The actions should aim at enabling rapid and far-reaching change through the development of region-specific portfolios of R&I solutions, mature enough for demonstration, which may include nature-based solutions, innovative technologies, financing, insurance and governance models, awareness and behavioural change. The innovation packages should cover the key community systems and comprise the adaptation solutions and pathways deemed essential for climate and social resilience in the specific regional contexts and the set timeline.

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