Returning Clinical Trial Data to study participants within a GDPR compliant and approved ethical framework (2nd stage)



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IMI2 - Innovative Medicines Initiative 2016

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A large amount of high-quality health data is collected during clinical studies (interventional and non-interventional), but, beyond the immediate objectives of the study, these valuable data are not used to the extent they merit. Subject to appropriate legal grounds, these data could be used to enrich patients? healthcare records to improve clinical decision-making and reduce duplication in procedures/investigations. In addition, returning clinical trial data to patients could allow them to contribute their data for additional scientific research (e.g. patient-powered research), in particular for rare diseases where treatments and data are scarce or unavailable. Finally, the lack of transparency and sharing of clinical trial data could contribute to the lack of patient willingness to be involved in studies, delays in clinical study set up and conduct, and delays in conducting health research in Europe to the detriment of vulnerable patients and public interest in general.

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