21.03 The direct rebound effect for two income groups: The case of Paraguay
Martín Bordón Lesme, Jaume Freire-González y Emilio Padilla Rosa
Abril  2021
21.02 The Impact of Immigration on Workers Protection
Adam Levai y Riccardo Turati
Enero  2021
21.01 Do you want to migrate to the United States? Migration intentions and Cultural Traits in Latin America
Riccardo Turati
Enero  2021
20.12 The determinants of the inequality in CO2 emissions per capita between developing countries
Emilio Padilla y Evans Jadotte
Octubre  2020
20.11 Congestion in highways when tolls and railroads matter: Evidence from European cities
Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López, Ilias Pasidis y Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal
Octubre  2020
20.10 Forgetting-by-not-doing: The case of surgeons and cesarean sections
Gabriel A. Facchini Palma
Octubre  2020
20.09 Low Staffing in the Maternity Ward: Keep Calm and Call the Surgeon
Gabriel A. Facchini Palma
Septiembre  2020
20.08 Impact of Public Transport Strikes on Air Pollution and transport modes Substitution in Barcelona.
Lyna González, Jordi Perdiguero y Àlex Sanz
Septiembre  2020
20.07  Globalización y responsabilidad en los problemas ecológicos
Jordi Roca Jusmet y  Emilio Padilla Rosa
Septiembre  2020
20.06 Do short-term rental platforms affect housing markets? Evidence from Airbnb in Barcelona
Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López, Jordi Jofre-Monseny, Rodrigo Martínez Mazza y Mariona Segú
Septiembre  2020
20.05 The driving factors of CO2 emissions from electricity generation in Spain: A decomposition analysis
Vicent Alcántara, Emilio Padilla y  Pablo del Río
Julio  2020
20.04 What do divided cities have in common? An international comparison of income segregation
Paolo Veneri, Andre Comandon, Miquel-Àngel Garcia López y Michiel N. Daams
Julio  2020
20.03 · CO2 emissions of the construction sector in Spain during the real estate boom: input output subsystem analysis and decomposition
Vicent Alcántara y Emilio Padilla
Junio 2020
20.02 · The Direct Rebound Effect of Electricity Energy Services in Spanish Households: Evidence from Error Correction Model and System GMM estimates
Martín Bordón, Jaume Freire y Emilio Padilla
Mayo 2020
20.01 · Subsidizing Innovation Over the Business Cycle
Jorge Andrés Vélez Ospina e Isabel Busom
Marzo 2020


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