Mission: Cancer


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Oficina de Projectes Internacionals

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  • Comisión Europea


HEU Missions

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  • Biociencias
  • Ciencias de la salud
  • Ciencias experimentales
  • Ciencias humanas
  • Ciencias sociales
  • Ciencias tecnológicas e Ingenierías

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PJE_Projectes Europeus


  • Investigadors/es (INV)


The intended goal of the mission on cancer is to save more than three million lives by 2030, with cancer patients living longer and better. The intervention areas include: Understand; Prevent what is preventable; Optimise diagnostics and treatment; Support quality of life; Ensure equitable access in all aforementioned areas. The identified Mission Cancer will address all poorly understood cancers[[Both common and rare cancers or cancer subtypes, at all stages of cancer, any age or part of society.]] in men and women, cancers in children, adolescents/young adults and the elderly, cancers in socio-economically vulnerable people, living in either cities, rural or remote areas, across all Member States and Associated countries.

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