Academic Training

Cancelling enrolment

Cancelling enrolment

Policy on cancellation of the enrolment in a FUABformacio master's degree, graduate diploma or specialisation course.

Master's degrees and Graduate Diplomas

-Caneling Reserved place:
The whole amount paid to pre-enrolment will only be refunded if the master's degree programme is cancelled, or if a clerical error attributable to the School has been made.

However, a refund will be considered in exceptional cases provided it is requested before the end of the period for enrolling on the programme.

-Canceling enrolment: In general, request for cancellation enrolments are only accepted if they are received within 30 days after the enrolment, and if the person making the request provides suitable justification for not being able to follow the course normally.

The centre will retain 35% to cover general costs (delivery of documents, reserving a place, administration costs), if the cancellation is requested within the period established.

Outside of this period, if a refound is authorized, 35% of the total amount of the tuition plus the proportional part of the period coursed will be retained.

Specialisation courses

-Canceling course: 
If the number of enrolments on a course is below the minimum set, the centre may cancel it and refund the fees paid by those who have enrolled.

If the causes are attributable to the student, the amount of the enrolment fee will not be refunded in full.