Academic Training

University orientation and cultural excursions

Visita durante el Museo CosmoCaixa y una visita guiada a Vila Universitària
Orientation and academic guidance

One of the mainstays of the Foundation Year is academic guidance. Students receive advice on which track to choose and what they have to do to: 

  • Obtain official recognition for their qualification.
  • Pre-register for a Bachelor’s degree or apply for a Master’s degree in Catalonia or Spain. 
  • Take a higher education training course.

Students who pass the Foundation Year programme can apply for FUAB or UAB Bachelor’s degrees, and also those at other universities, as long as they also fulfil the other application requirements. 

See the FUAB Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. 

There are also three guided tours of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona campus to see the faculties and the FUAB premises and find out about its courses. 


Cultural excursion in Barcelona and Catalonia

During their stay, students have five days of non-academic activities and cultural excursions to get to know Barcelona and other different regions of Catalonia. These visits offer the chance to experience the local culture and see other places of cultural or tourist interest.