Academic Training

Admission and enrolment

The admission process serves to verify that all students meet the entry requirements to ensure an optimal working environment. You can apply for admission online (follow the enrollment manual).

Once you have received the admission communication, you must pay the pre-enrollment payment.

Real Decreto 822/2021, de 28 de septiembre: Chapter VIII Art. 37: The general requirement for access to a continuing education master's degree or a specialization diploma is to have a university degree or equivalent (minimum 180 ECTS credits or 3 academic years) or, if you do not already have it, the substitute certificate or the receipt of the application for the degree and payment of the fees (if you do not already have it).

Until the 22/23 academic year, some postgraduate degree programs may, exceptionally, admit students without undergraduate studies, who are issued a certificate instead of a diploma. From the 23/24 academic year, with the application of Royal Decree 822/2021, of September 28, which establishes the organization of university education and the procedure for quality assurance, it will no longer be possible in any case.

Additional documentation:
- Academic record
- Passport size photograph (176 x 220 px. in jpg format)
- Curriculum vitae
- Candidate's cover letter

The Academic Administration will need to verify the documentation attached to the pre-enrollment.

For this reason it is necessary to verify the diploma or the diploma with Secure Verification Code/QR.

If during the registration process you attach the documentation of access to the Master of Continuing Education or Specialization Diploma with Secure Verification Code (CSV) or QR code, you do not need to send any other documentation.

However, if you do not attach the documentation with the verification code or QR, you will have to send us: Certified copy of the diploma (original copy), or diploma with secure verification code or QR.


Admission is formalized on-line, therefore, before applying, please scan the required documentation (ID card, NIE or valid passport and university degree or equivalent) to have it ready.

Online application for admission

To enroll you need a NIU (university identification number) from the UAB. Select, depending on your case, the corresponding option:

Follow the  the Application handbook.

Admission and pre-enrollment

Once you have submitted your application for admission, we will verify that you meet the requirements for admission and the course coordinator will select the candidates based on the documentation provided. The resolution of your application for admission will be sent to you by email (if you do not receive it, we recommend that you check the email address of your email address).

If you are accepted, we will include all the necessary information to pre-register by paying the reservation fee.

- We recommend you to complete your pre-enrolment as soon as possible, so as to facilitate the whole process of admission, visa arrangements and other practical matters related to your arrival and your stay at the UAB.

- You do not need to have your degree certificate legalised until the moment you enrol but Academic Management will need to verify the documentation attached to the pre-registration by checking the degree or the degree with CVS/Q. To learn how to legalise required documents, click here.

- Click here for all the practical information you need on arranging for visas and accommodation, preparing documents, etc.

Information for students with a degree from a university abroad:

Degree certificates and transcripts issued by institutions in the EU, in the European Economic Area or in Switzerland must be official and issued by the competent authorities.

Degree certificates and transcripts issued by institutions not in the EU must be official and issued by the competent authorities, and must have been legalised through diplomatic channels or, where applicable, The Hague Apostille or the Andrés Bello Agreement.

Translation of documents issued abroad:

All documents in Catalan, Spanish or English are admissible. To translate documents in French, Italian or Portuguese, you may use the UAB Language Service (Servei de Llengües). Responsibility for arranging to have the documents translated and the costs involved lies with the applicant. Documents in other languages must be accompanied by a translation into Catalan, Spanish or English carried out by a sworn translator, or by any Spanish diplomatic representative in the applicant's home country.

Once you have received the admission communication, you will be able to reserve your place by making the pre-enrollment payment.

To do this, go to, go to the "Students of other programmes" section, and select "Registration on master's degrees, graduate diplomas and other courses with NIU", under the FUAB Training section. Once accessed, you must go to the Reservation section (3rd tab).

In the section you must make the payment with TPV-Pago con tarjeta and confirm the reservation.

To see the detailed steps, please refer to the pre-enrollment and seat reservation manual.