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The master's degree in History of Science: Science, History and Society (UAB-UB) explores the social and historical dimension of science, technology and medicine. It studies examples from different disciplines and periods, from the origins of mathematics to molecular biology. The master's degree asks important questions about the evolution of science: How is scientific knowledge produced? How does it achieve social acceptance? What is the relationship between science and technology, and between the different sciences? Students are given ways to approach these questions and are trained to undertake historical research or scientific communication.

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*Coordinator of the master

*Master's dissertation

Study plan structure
Code Compulsory module Credits Semester
42279 M1 Science in History 15 1
42280 M2 Big Issues in the History of Science 15 1
42281 M3 Material culture, heritage and communication in science 15 1
42737 M4 External Practicum 9 2
42736 M5 Research Methods 9 2
42735 M9 MPhil Dissertation 6 2
Code Optional Module Credits Semester
42284 M6 The origins of modern science 15 2
42285 M7 Individual, health and society: Science and biopower 15 2
42286 M8 From Frankenstein to Einstein: contemporary science and society 15 2



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