Official Master's Degree in Educational Psychology

Work placements

The master's degree is organised and structured into modules. One of the compulsory modules you will have to take corresponds to the Work Placement module.
The contents of this compulsory module are considered fundamental and are a priority for the training of future professionals in this field.
The module structure is common in both specialisations, although its contents and development is related to both the common and specific modules corresponding to each specialisation.
The work placement module contains two differentiated, but complementary parts. The work you will carry out throughout the module will help you come into contact with the reality of the profession, and for this reason a large part of it takes place at an education centre:

  • firstly, you will have to become familiar with the daily aspects of the centre, how it works, its structure and organisation, and how to fit into and work with the activities taking place at the centre.
  • Secondly, you will need to become part of a specific context in order to carry out intervention activities, both with the help of others and on your own.
  • All in all, both in the preparation phases at university and in your stay at the centre, your job will be to put into practice the skills you will need professionally and do so with the help of your tutor at university, with the work placement coordinator and with your tutor at the centre.

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