Official Master's Degree in Advanced Biotechnology

Work placements

The objective is the integration of the student in a professional environment in a biotechnology company. The coordinator of the module will inform the student of the companies according to the scope and will contact the student with the company after evaluating their CV and a letter of motivation. The company will choose the most suitable candidate.

The stay the company will end with the elaboration and non-public defense of a final memory of integration of the knowledge, skills and competences acquired in the practices in company.

The defense and discussion of the memory of the Practices in Business of the Master of Advanced Biotechnology will be carried out in a single call in July.

Three copies of the printed version of the paper must be delivered, duly bound and e-mail a pdf of the report to the president of the tribunal.

The tutor of the work in the company must make a report-valuation of the work done and send it by e-mail to the president of the tribunal.

The evaluation of the module will be done in equal parts between the monitoring of the academic tutor (report), the evaluation of the document of the memory and the oral presentation.

The memory will have an article type format. It will consist of: Title, Summary, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments and Bibliography and will be a maximum of 30 pages at a minimum of 1.5, including tables and figures (in Catalan, Spanish or English) Letter of not less than 11 points. The written report will be evaluated by a court composed of 3 teachers of the Master in non-public session.

The oral presentation will be made in power point format, with a duration of not more than 10 min, + 5 more for discussion, and valued by the same tribunal that has assessed the report.

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