Official Master's Degree in History of Science: Science, History and Society

Work placements

This master's degree offers one external work placement in the specialisation of Communication, Heritage and History of Science.

As part of the professional orientation of the master's degree, this placement involves the management, preservation, conservation, study and dissemination/communication of science and its heritage. It will help students to gain experience and apply their knowledge, and will take place over approximately nine weeks, between February and May, 2014.

Among the places where the placements can be done are the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia in Terrassa, the Museum of History of Medicine of Catalonia, the TV3 programme "Què, qui, com", the magazine "Investigación y Ciencia", and the Barcelona Ateneu (cultural centre).

The students will be involved in generating, documenting, editing and/or distributing scientific and technological content, probably in relation to the specific projects being developed in the placement period.

Students have to write a final report or essay that clearly covers all the work done and its relationship to the professional and academic objectives of this master's degree.


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