Official Master's Degree in Anthropology: Advanced Research and Social Intervention

Work placements

The specialisation E3, in Social, Cultural and Environmental Intervention has an external placement module (ME3.2) of 36 hours, equivalent to 6 credits. Students can undertake the placement in institutions involved in the areas covered in the master's specialisation in intervention (health, drugs, education, development and urban space), and with which placement agreements have been established. The placement gives students an opportunity to participate in specific social intervention projects and also to establish appropriate intercultural ties with the programme's recipients. The placements are aimed mainly at promoting participation in intervention projects, so as to identify any problems deriving from these, developing the skills of interacting, listening with empathy, inter-professional collaboration and critical thinking, and exposing students to the ethical dilemmas that are inherent to all interventions.

Coordinator: José Luis Molina;

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Centres for external work experience
During the years 2012-2017, the students of the Master Degree in Anthropology have obtained work experience in the following entities, among others (in alphabetical order):

·         Arum Environmental Consulting (Lleida)
·         Autonomous Solidarity Foundation (FAS)
·         Barcelona City Council - Rights of Citizenship, Participation and Transparency
·         Barcelona City Council - Resource Management
·         Barcelona City Council -  Active Democracy and Decentralization
·         Cáritas Diocesana Terrassa
·         Cáritas DiocesanaSabadell
·         Deputation of Barcelona
·         Primary School L' Escoleta - Primary School Bellaterra
·         Foundation Igenus
·         Foundation Jaume Bofill
·         Hospital San Joan de Deu
·         Justícia i Pau
·         Red Cross Cerdanyola
·         Red Cross Manresa
·         Red Cross Ripollet / Terrassa
·         Sabadell City Council
·         Shelter for children and adolescents Can Miralpeix

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