Official Master's Degree in Analysis and Management of the Artistic Heritage

Work placements

This master's degree includes one compulsory subject consisting in an external work placement of 150 hours, to be undertaken in the first and/or second semester (July included). The placement takes place at an institution with a formal agreement in place with the UAB. If students have a particular interest in doing a placement with an institution that does not appear on the list, the UAB will study the proposal and sign a new agreement, if possible. Given their importance, every effort is made to tailor placements to each student's profile and interests. The students' tasks on the placement are usually linked to projects at the host institutions and may vary considerably: from document management, cataloguing, registration of collections, helping to prepare and set up an exhibition, working with the communication services or education services, taking part in a publishing project, or helping in the day-to-day running of a department in a museum, art centre, gallery, etc. Tasks will vary depending on each centre.

*Important: when enrolling in the placement module students must take out a complementary insurance policy. (Price of the complementary insurance: €7.55, approximately)

The UAB Department of Art and Musicology has agreements in place with the following institutions.


Barcelona province




The UAB has agreements in place with certain Barcelona art galleries that do not appear on the website. The UAB has other agreements that do not yet appear on the website.

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