Official Master's Degree in Biological and Environmental Engineering

Work placements

The master's degree offers a compulsory work placement module (6 ECTS) with the aim of helping you apply your knowledge to practical situations in different disciplines and combine this with new knowledge related to the contents of the master's degree. On the one hand, you will work on the production of a protein at pilot scale at a production plant for biotechnological food and diagnostic products. You will have acquired engineering comprehension and practice in the analysis, design and operation of biotechnological processes and at the same time you will learn about the rules and regulations regarding product quality and safety (in human and animal health and diet, at environmental and industrial levels, etc.). On the other hand, you will study a biological system used for waste treatment at pilot scale and become familiar with the most important process and analysis tools used in the design and operation of processes, so that you can put them to use professionally in the future.

This module offers you the possibility of working externally under a collaboration agreement with a professional company. Of the 25 places available in the master's degree 10 are reserved for students interested in undertaking a work placement with a professional company. Candidates will be selected according to the Curriculum Vitae. The profile of both the professional companies and research laboratories are closely associated with the contents of the master's degree.

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