Official Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting

Mobility and exchange programmes

The UAB’s policy of internationalisation, and particularly that of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, has encouraged participation in various international exchange programmes to facilitate the mobility of both students and staff.

The main international mobility schemes are the Erasmus Programme and the UAB Exchange Programme.

Within the framework of the 120 credits of this 2-year Master’s course, students may take advantage of the Faculty’s existing MA mobility agreements. Students who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity may, after consultiation with their academic coordinator, take a module, or part of a module, at another international partner university which offers a Master’s in Conference Interpreting similar to the UAB’s MUIC. The Mock Conference and tutored Professional Practice modules may not be taken as part of a mobility exchange. Work for the “Final Master’s Project” module may be completed during the student’s mobility placement, providing that permission has been sought and obtained from the MA coordinator and the tutor responsible for overseeing the project. 

UAB's mobility & exchange programmes

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