Official Master's Degree in History of Science: Science, History and Society

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Specific grants for this master's degree

Catalan Society of History of Science and Technology (SCHCT) Prize for professionally-oriented dissertations in the master's degree in History of Science


  1. The SCHCT wishes to lend its support to graduate students of history of science, technology and medicine: those who will go on, as professionals, to shape the future of this discipline.
  2. The SCHCT wishes to promote learning of history of science through the two master's degrees currently being taught in the Catalan-speaking territories: “Science, History, Society” and “History of Science and Scientific Communication”.
  3. The SCHCT is interested in encouraging students to combine high-quality historical research with scientific communication projects in the fields of journalism, communication, museology or tourism.
  4. The SCHCT determines that the amount of €3,200 shall be set aside annually, from which four prizes of €800 shall be shared by a maximum of four students of the master's degrees in Barcelona and Valencia-Alicante.
  5. The SCHCT will make the corresponding call for entries on its website, social networks and the online mailing lists used in its professional and geographic area.

  1. The SCHCT awards the Catalan Society of History of Science and Technology (SCHCT) Prizes for final dissertations in the master's degree in History of Science dealing with history of science, medicine and technology and closely related to science journalism, museums, scientific heritage and other forms of communication.
  2. The SCHCT board of directors will appoint the jury for these prizes and announce this on its website. The SCHCT, where necessary throughout the award process, will procure maximum collaboration and participation on the part of the master's degree coordinators.
  3. 4 prizes of €800 will be awarded. The jury may declare the prizes void. The prizes may be subject to income tax deductions.
  4. Candidates for the prizes must have successfully completed one of the following master's degrees in the last three years: “Science, History, Society” and “History of Science and Scientific Communication”.
  5. Candidates must submit the following documents: personal academic certificate, brief academic CV, master's dissertation, and a short text explaining the reasons for choosing the topic of the dissertation. These should be sent by email to: with the header: “PremiSCHCT2015_participantname”. The deadline for submitting the documents is 8 p.m. on Friday 30 October, 2016.
  6. The SCHCT will determine the calendar for choosing the winners and awarding the prizes, and will announce these on its website. Payment of the prize lapses on 19 July 2017.
  7. The submission of entries under this call signifies the acceptance of these rules.

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