Official Master's Degree in Quality of Food of Animal Origin

New master's degree students

Students who take admission subject to the qualification giving access before September 15, you can send e-mail to to sent duly scanned the title, for so that the Academic can validate the document and activate access to the student's enrollment, so on the day of enrollment to complete the same without delay.

Registration Date 2019-2020 on July and September

from 22nd to 26th
September: from 16th to 25th

Steps to follow on the day of registration:

1. Collection of the registration and agenda folder to the Punt d'Informació i Suport Logístic (Consegeria) of the Faculty (entrance of the Faculty).

2. Contact the coordinator of the Master, Dr. Toni Trujillo ( who will assist you in the office V0 / 234. Review the subjects you register (signing the list of the courses). You must contact him before registration to come to register the day you have booked the previous appointment with the signed form).

4. Enrolment at Gestió Acadèmica the day and time that you have booked through the previous appointment. You must bring the list of the courses and the enrolment form

Contact us for more information, filling in this form: *Required fields

Once the form has been sent in you will get a confirmation e-mail