Official master's degree in Translation and Intercultural Studies

Would you like to continue onto a professional or research career in the fields of Translation, Translatology, Language Mediation and Intercultural Studies?

Official Master's Degree in Translation and Intercultural Studies

General calendar

From 11 January to 4 October 2021.
Each centre establishes its pre-registration periods within these dates, which may also vary.
Please check the master's degree admission dates in the specific section entitled “Teaching centre's admissions calendar".

Teaching centre's admissions calendar

ATTENTION: We have recently detected several cases of students trying to access this master with irregularly issued certificates. Any such applications detected will be rejected and reported to the university authorities.

Pre-enrollment period: from February 8 to September 6 2021.

Resolution periods:

  • Applications submitted from February 8 to April 6, will be resolved on April 19.
  • Applications submitted from April 7 to May 17 will be resolved on May 28.
  • Applications submitted from May 18 to 28 June, will be resolved on July 14.
  • Applications submitted from June 29 to September 6, will be resolved on September 14.