Biosafety cabinets


Cabines Bioseguretat

In order to ensure that biological safety cabinets (BSC) work correctly, and as part of a programme to verify the quality and safety of equipment, all BSC at the UAB must be inspected and certified whenever any of the following apply.

•After the BSC has been delivered and installed.
•After changing a filter or performing maintenance on internal parts.
•Whenever it is moved to another location (even in the same room).
•Once a year or after every 1000 hours of use.

The IBC has approved a specific programme for BSC. An important part of this programme is the compulsory minimum annual qualification for all BSC in which activities are carried out with biological agents that require biosafety level 2 or above. The cost of this certification is borne by the office of the vice-rector for research, under the established conditions. The department or the PR are responsible for any cost associated with the replacement of parts or any other corrective measure that is necessary for the BSC to function properly. They are also responsible for the costs of certification on re-installing or relocating the BSC, changing filters or any maintenance other than the scheduled annual certification.