Platelet Bioimplant


Bioimplant, Medical Device, for volumetric reconstruction in breast cancer conservative surgery.

As a result of the research collaboration among UAB, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital and the Blood and Tissues Bank of Barcelona a Bioimplant for volumetric reconstruction in breast cancer conservative surgery was performed. Jointly, with the collaboration of BBraun to develop the product and the license of the IP to the company women who enter into tumorectomy surgery to remove a breast tumour will leave the operation room with the same volume breast as they enter.

The bioimplant developed based in Platelet-rich-plasma fills and repairs the empty space once the tumour is removed from the breast. Its use in volume restitutive surgery allows to do the exeresis of the tumours with a broaden security limits which decreases the probability of residual illness feasible in the tumour bed. In addition, this safe medical device for surgery avoids the psychological and emotional consequence of breast deformity after partial or complete removal of the breast.

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