Nanoligent is a new start-up company based in Barcelona which is developing a new therapeutic product in the oncology area, especially in the treatment of metastasis.
Its proprietary technology comprises a new drug delivery system based on protein nanoparticles that are conjugated to a small peptidic ligand that allows an outstanding bio- distribution pattern.

Such nanoparticles, loaded with an antitumoral drug, have shown a great effectiveness when administered to rodent animal models of metastasis. In vivo results show a significant decrease of the number of metastatic foci and, what is more, an excellent result in bioaccumulation: more than 90% of the drug was accumulated in the tumor without any presence in kidney or liver, which might prevent most of the chemotherapy side effects. The key factor is the short protein ligand that allows the specific targeting to cells expressing a receptor which is 10-fold overexpressed in primary tumours and metastasis.

Preclinical results look very promising. The company is now focused on obtaining a consistent full preclinical package.

This new company is willing to incorporate new business partners in order to take steps forward in the drug development of the product.


Address: Eureka building · Parc de Recerca UAB (Campus UAB · 08193 Bellaterra)