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  • - Órdenes agrarios y conquistas ibéricas (siglos XII-XVI). Estudios desde la arqueología histórica (Agricultural organisations and Iberian conquests (12th-16th centuries). Studies of historical archaeology). 

    Referència: HAR2017-82157-P
    IPs: Fèlix Retamero, Helena Kirchner

    Arqueologia d'una ciutat andalusina: Madîna Balaghí (Balaguer, La Noguera)

    Referència: CLT009/18/00037
    IP: Helena Kirchner

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  • Selecció de publicacions:

    - Kirchner, H.; Virgili, A.: "Espacios de cultivo vinculados a Madîna Ṭurṭûša (Tortosa, Cataluña): norias, drenajes y campesinos (siglos VIII-XII)". Edad Media. Revista de Historia, 20 (2019): 83-112.

    - Helena Kirchner, "Feudal Conquest and Colonisation: An Archaeological Insight into the Transformation of Andalusi Irrigated Spaces in the Balearic Islands", in Th. Glick, A. Malpica, F. Retamero, J. Torró, eds, From Al-Andalus to the Americas (13th-17th c.): Destruction and Construction of Societies, Brill, 2018, Leiden-Boston: 191-227.

    - H. Kirchner, A. Virgili: "Espacios agrarios en el Bajo Ebro en época andalusí y después de la conquista catalana", in J. Torró, E. Guinot (Eds.): Trigo y ovejas. El impacto de las conquistas en los paisajes andalusíes (siglos XI-XVI). Valencia: Publicacions de la Universitat de Valencia, 2018: 15-49.

    - Helena Kirchner: "Water management and irrigation in Medieval Mediterranean Societies. An overview." Mark T. Abate (Ed.): Convivencia and Medieval Spain: Essays in Honor of Thomas F. Glick, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018: 65-98.

    - Antoni Virgili, Helena Kirchner: "The impact of the Christian conquest on the agrarian areas in the low Ebro valley. The case of Xerta (Spain)"; in RURALIA XII. Settlement change across Medieval Europe. Old paradigms and new vistas. Niall Brady and Claudia Theune (Eds.) Sidestone Press: Leiden, 2019: 413-420.

    - H. Kirchner, F. Retamero, “Becoming islanders. Migration and settlement in the Balearic Islands (10th-13th centuries)”. In Fèlix Retamero, Inge Schjellerup, Althea Davies (Eds): Agricultura and pastoral landscapes in pre-industrial society. Choices, stability and change. EARTH 3, Oxbow Books, Oxford and Philadelphia, 2016: 57-78.

    - H. Kirchner, A. Virgili, F. Antolín “Un espacio de cultivo urbano en al-Andalus: Madîna Turṭûša (Tortosa) antes de 1148”, Historia Agraria 62 (2014): 11-45. ISSN: 1139-1472

    - A.Puy, A.L. Balbo, A. Virgili, H. Kirchner “The evolution of Mediterranean wetlands in the first millennium AD: the case of Les Arenes floodplain (Tortosa, NE Spain)”, Geoderma 232-234, 2014, p. 219-235.

    - N. Alonso, F. Antolín, H. Kirchner “Novelties and legacies in crops and agricultural practices of the Islamic period in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula: the archaeobotanical evidence in Madîna Balagî, Madîna Lârida and Madîna Turṭûša”, Quaternary International, Abril 2014, p. 1-13.

    - H. Kirchner. “Watermills in the Balearic Islands during the Muslim period”, in Processing, storage, distribution of food. Food in the Medieval Rural Environment. Ruralia. J. Klápste and P. Sommer (eds.), Brepols, Turnhout (Belgium), 2011, p. 45-5.


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