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Doctorat Lectura Tesis 2018/19

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Lectures tesis doctorals curs 2018/19:

20/09/2019 - Abhishek Saini - Application of carboranes and metallacarboranes for synthesis of innovative nanostructures and for the development of highly stable ion-pair potentiometric sensorsnes.

16/09/2019 - Fangchang Tan - Carborane bis-pyridylalcohols as Globular and Flexible Linkers for Coordination Polymers: From Bulk Crystals to 2D Ultrathin Nanosheets.

12/09/2019 - Arpita Saha - Tuning the properties of Quantum Nanocrystals and Magnetic Nanoparticles using Spherical ligands: Carboranes and Metallocarboranes.

06/09/2019 - Soledad Carinelli - Biomarker detection of global infectious based on magnetic particles.

26/07/2019 - Bing Jiang - Nickel and Cobalt Bis(imin)pyridine complexes as catalysts for the Hidrogen evolution reaction.

26/07/2019 - Maria del Rocío Rodríguez Laguna - Heat transfer fluids: from fundamental aspects of graphene nanofluids at room temperature to molten salts formulations for solar-thermal conversion.

23/07/2019 - Roberto Pol Arcas - Printing technologies for biotechnological and environmental sensing applications. 

19/07/2019 - Rosa Maria González Gil - Complejos mononucleares de rutenio para transformaciones oxidativas sostenibles.

16/07/2019 - Isabel Fuentes Sempere - Aplicaciones de los metalacarboranos en el campo de la biomedicina y de la energia.

12/07/2019 - Jingjing Zhao - Valorization and reuse of waste modified biomass. Heavy metal removal from aqueous solution.

11/07/2019 - Verónica Verdugo Andrés - Studies on As and Sb oxoanions adsorption. Use of mass spectroscopy and synchrotron techniques on process characterization. 

11/07/2019 - Nuria Fabri Faja - Clinical diagnosis and pathogen detection with a novel multiplexed nanophotonic point-of-care biosensor

06/06/2019 - Judit Brassier Font - Implementación de Técnicas Analíticas Rápidas para la fabricación Farmacéutica Avanzada.

09/05/2019 - Pablo Gómez-Orellana Seguin - Estudio mecanístico de reacciones de aminación y de hidroaminación.

07/05/2019 - Bhawna Nagar - Printed Graphene for Energy Storage and Sensing applications.

06/05/2019 - Miguel Aller Pellitero - Design and development of a self-powered electrochromic biosensor.

26/04/2019 - Heng Xu - Post-synthetic Modification of Metal-Organic Frameworks by Solid-Gas Ozonolysis.

22/03/2019 - Alejandro Ayala Garcia - Desarrollo de microcápsulas de fragancias con materiales de alta disponibilidad comercial para su uso en detergencia.

01/03/2019 - Laia Soler Bru - Liquid-assisted ultrafast growth of superconducting films derived from chemical solutions.

20/02/2019 - Ceren Çamur - Advances on the synthesis of MOFs at scale.

25/01/2019 - Ignacio Salvo Ibáñez - Control an Synthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles for medical applications.

25/01/2019 - Adriana Kyvik Ruiz - Self-Assembled Monolayers for Biological Applications: Design, Processing, Characterization and Biological studies.

25/01/2019 - Natalia Sández Fernández - Miniaturisation, automation and parallelisation of (Bio)Chemical analyses using novel lab on Chip systems.

18/01/2019 - Lorenzo Russo - Designing Advanced Nanomaterials for Next Generation in vitro Diagnostics: Development of Optical and Electrochemical Biosensors based on Hollow AuAg Nanoparticles for Determination of Viral and Bacterial Infections.

19/12/2018 - Civan Avci - Zeolitic imidazolate Framework-8: control of particle size and shape and its self-assembly.

12/12/2018 - Maria Àngels Subirana Manzanares - Selenium biofortification of wheat: Distribution of spatially resolved selenium speciation by synchroton-based techniques.

12/12/2018 - Stefano Pantaleone - Computational studies on the interaction of amino acids and peptides with TIO2 surfaces: adsorption and reactivity.

31/11/2018 - Amirali Yazdi - Nanoengineering composites made of metal- and covalent-organic frameworks and inorgànic nanoparticles using encapsulation techniques.

23/11/2018 - Jordi Borràs Amoraga - New technetium-99m and thenium compounds for radiopharmaceutical applications by means of [2+1] transmetallation reaction.

23/11/2018 - Jose Antonio Olivares Montia - Application of the cyclobutane scaffold to the preparation and study of the new foldamers, cell penetrating peptides and MRI contrast agents.

09/11/2018 - Katia Ghannadzadeh Samper - New photoswitchable platinum (II) azobenzene complexes as potential anticancer drugs.

31/10/2018 - Jordi Martínez Esain - The Surface of metal fluoride nanocrystals.

26/10/2018 - Daniel Quesada González - Design and application of nanomaterail-based lateral flow devices.

26/10/2018 - Francesc Bejarano Badell - Molecular conductors and switches for electronics: in solution and on surface studies.

26/10/2018 - Jordi Espín Martí - The Photothermal Effect in MOFs.

11/10/2018 - Antonio Campos Garcia - Influence of organic semiconductors morphology, structure and procesability on field-effect transistors performance.
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