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Doctorat Lectura Tesis 2017/2018

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Lectures tesis doctorals curs 2017/18:

28/09/2018 - Daniel Herrera Miranda - Hydrolysis of the Trifluoromethyl group in Triarylphosphines: Scope of the reaction in the preparation of Carboxylic-Trifluoromethylated Phosphines and their applications

27/09/2018 - Perla Patricia Alday Lara - Biodegradable batteries as sustainable power sources for portable devices

14/09/2018 - Bohores Villarejo Reina - Synthesis of defect free YBa2Cu3O7-x films over 1 µm by CSD using Inkjet Printing

20/07/2018 - Marc Pérez Fernández - Nueva generación de materiales plásticos basados en ABS de altas prestaciones técnicas o más sostenibles con el medio ambiente

19/07/2018 - Luis Carlos Garzón Tovar - Confining reactions in a droplet: synthesis of MOFs, COFs and Composites using spray drying

13/07/2018 - Cristian Bellacanzone - Tuning of the poly(p-phenylenevinylene) derivatives emission properties by phase change materials and sonochemistry

17/07/2018 - Wenjie Qian - Preparation and processing of molecular materials with optoelectronic properties.

11/07/2018 - Jordi Creus Casanovas - Electrocatalytic water splitting with ruthenium nanoparticules.

05/07/2018 - Gloria Clua Palau -  Application of quality by design and near infrared sprectroscopy in manufacturing and control of Freeze dried drug products.

04/07/2018 - Etienne Knipping - Design of new ionic liquid-based electrolyte for lithium-oxigen battery.

14/06/2018 - Núria Marcó García - Development of resolution-enhanced NMR techniques for improved small molecules structural analysis.

12/06/2018 - Andreu González Calabuig - Electronic Tongues for food and  security applications.

27/04/2018 - Maria Serena Maglione - Preparation of electro-active self-assembled monolayers for the fabrication of advanced electronic devices.

10/04/2018 - Albert Granados Toda - Parte I: Compuestos organofluorados: catálisis asimétrica en reacciones de alfa-aminación y alfa-trifluorometilación electrófila. Parte II: Materiales modificados con cromóforos fluorescentes y fármacos antiinflamatorios.

05/04/2018 - Jonathan de Tovar Villanueva - Pd and Co-based (nano)catalysts for C-C coupling and artificial photosynthesis.

21/03/2018 - André Roberto de Oliveira Fredi - New applications of covariance NMR and experimental development for measurements of homonuclear coupling constants in overlapping signals.

23/02/2018 Marcos Gil Sepulcre - Ru, Co and Cu-based catalysts for artificial photosynthesis.

04/02/2018 Egil de Brito Sá - Computational study of iron carbenes and their reactivity with oleofins.

18/12/2017   Joao Marcio Balbino - Telomerización de 1,3-butadiendo catalizada por Pd: el papel de líquidos iónicos con catión imidazolio y de nuevas triarlfosfinas trifluorometiladas y sulfonadas.

15/12/2017 Abraham Ayala Hernández - Janus-type and Molecular MOF-based Composites.

15/12/2017 Silvia Alujas Burgos - Iterative synthetic strategy for azaphenalene alkaloids. Total synthesis of (-)-ga-epi hippocasine.

12/12/2017 Marc Padilla Barriento - Photoactive materials based on Cyclodextrin-functionalized gold nanoparticles.

04/12/2017 Sergio Soler Salas - Reacciones de arilación promovidas electroquímicamente.

24/11/2017 Selene Gil Moreno - New insights in the study and characterization of fungal metallothioneins and their relationship with the pathogenic activity.

24/11/2017 Oriol Porcar Tost - Chiral cyclobutane scaffolds: their application in the development of new functionalized organogelators, organocatalysts and MRI contrast agents.

09/11/2017 Nurlin Binti Abu Samah - Design and Application of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for the Separation of Some Pharmaceutical Persistent Pollutants.

11/10/2017 Alejandro Zamora Gálvez - Nanobiosensors for diagnostics applications.


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