Doctoral Workshop 2017


May  31 to June 2
Sala d’Actes Facultat de Ciències

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the "Setena Edició de les Jornades Doctorals" that are organized by the PhD Chemistry Program and the Chemistry Department. This event aims to strengthen the links between the research groups of our Department, with the ultimate goal of promoting interdisciplinary and more ambitious research projects. In addition, it aims to relate the chemical research performed by the PhD students of the UAB Chemistry PhD program, and related programs, with Industrial and Entrepreneurial Opportunities. In this sixth edition, the "Jornades Doctorals-2016" includes an exciting series of conferences by 3rd-4th year UAB-Chemistry PhD students and four lectures by academic and industrial experts in different fields of chemistry:

EvaMarie Hey-Hawkins
Full Professor at the Inorganic Chemistry     
institute, University of Leipzig.

Evamarie Hey-Hawkins has been a Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Leipzig University, Germany, since 1993. She has held positions at universities in the UK, Australia and Germany and has been visiting professor in Turkey, France, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan. She has published more than 435 papers and given over 300 plenary and invited lectures worldwide. She has received several awards including the degree of “Distinguished Woman in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering” by IUPAC (2013), the Elhuyar-Goldschmidt (2015) and the Nenitzescu-Criegee Lecture Award (in 2016), the Nenitescu Medal (2016) and two honorary doctoral degrees (Dr. h.c.) by Babe?-Bolyai University, Romania (in 2014) and Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia (in 2016). Her scientific interests are manifold and comprise inorganic chemistry/organometallic chemistry, organophosphorus chemistry, biologically active boron compounds, heterometallic transition metal complexes and catalysis.

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Aitziber López
Investigadora IkerBasque, CIC biomaGUNE

Aitziber L. Cortajarena joined CIC-BiomaGUNE in 2016 as Ikerbasque Research Professor. Since her PhD in 2002, she has held positions at different institutions such as Yale University, Weizmann Institute Biomolecular or IMDEA Nanociencia.  She has been awarded with an ERC Consolidator Grant in 2014. Her research interests focus on protein engineering toward the generation of bio- functional nanostructures and bioinspired materials for applications in nano-biotechnology and nanomedicine.

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Ricarda Miller
Lab Leader of Disease Control Chemistry, CropScience Division, Bayer SAS

After studying at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada and obtaining a master’s degree inChemistry from the University of Konstanz, Germany, Ricarda Miller underwent doctoral studies at the Konstanz Research School of Chemical Biology, Germany. In 2012, she obtained her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Ulrich Groth and Prof. Victor Snieckus, working on Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and DNA-Intercalation of Natural Product analogs. She then moved to the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), Tarragona, Spain, for a postdoctoral stay in the group of Prof. Antonio Echavarren, working on total syntheses of complex Natural Products using Au(I)-catalyzed key steps. Ricarda Miller started her professional career in 2013 as a laboratory leader and project manager at the crop science division of Bayer in Lyon, France.


Romà Tauler
Professor Investigador IDÆA, CSIC

Romà Tauler has an extensive scientific career at different institutions. He has held positions at the University of Barcelona, University of Innsbruck, or the University of Washington and CSIC. He has published around 350 scientific articles and has been awarded with an ERC Advanced Grant in 2012 and the Kowalski Prize in 2009. His research interests are chemometrics, particularly the development of new factor analysis and multivariate curve resolution methods for the analysis multiway and multiset data, and their applications to Omic Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

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We look forward to your participation in this event.
The Organizing Committee
With the collaboration of the "Societat Catalana de Química" (SCQ),
the "Real Sociedad Española Española de Química" (RSEQ),
and Grupo HNA and DD Biolab, S.L.

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