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While working on the doctoral thesis you will take part in a series of training activities designated by the doctoral programme’s academic committee to further your academic progress.

There are 2 types of activities: mandatory and optional.
The commitment document is a written agreement that establishes the framework for relations between the Ph.D. student, the supervisor, the thesis tutor and the UAB, and the rights and duties of each and the activities that the student is expected to carry out during his/her studies.
Mandatory Activities:
1.       Attendance at seminars or lectures given by experts in the field of knowledge (Sigma: activity 1)
2.       Presentation of an annual communication (oral or poster) in a national or international congress or scientific meeting or in a seminar of the group or in a seminar of the department (Sigma: activity 14)
3.       Research paper sent to a high-impact scientific journal (Sigma: activity 3)
The mandatory activities are automatically included in the activities document of your individual register (access and the student is expected to fill in and upload a proof of its realisation. The optional activities are taken by agreement between the thesis supervisor and the student and need to be added to the student’s registtration.


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