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The departments of Physics, Chemistry and Geology of UAB promote the PhD Program in Materials Science, focused into teaching investigators, and eventually leading to the writing of a PhD Thesis, emphasizing methodology and techniques from investigation in new materials. The goal of this PhD program is to prepare students to start and complete an original innovative investigation in Materials Science, training doctors towards quality research.

Students should also demonstrate a deep understanding of the bibliography of their theme of investigation, synthesis, interpretation, as well as knowledge of the main debates and scientifical discoveries in the field.

This Doctorate has obtained the Excellence Mention by ANECA.

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Student profile

In order to establish a student profile with maximal success possibilities in the Program, several requirements are demanded, The student has to have had recognized experience in research as well as profound understanding of the concepts and basic tools in Materials Science, and the ability to easily assimilate new knowledge. Fluency in English is also essential, as it is the working language of the Program.

Career options

The PhD Program in Materials Science has, amongst its future career options, the following:

-Corporative jobs in Materials Science
-Teaching in Secondary and University in the field
-Fundamental and applied research
-Consultancy in Materials Science
-Entrepreneurship in high-tech sectors
-Investigation in either public or private sectors

Goals and justification

The PhD Program in Materials Science trains investigators with the ability to start and complete an original, innovative research of the utmost quality, eventually crafting a PhD Thesis. Moreover, investigators must show a deep understanding of the specific bibliography of the subject, synthesis capacity and interpretation and knowledge of the main debates and discoveries in the field.

Other goals of the PhD program

  • Mainly, to train professionals onto a solid and updated basis in the field of Materials Science and Technology
  • The ability to use bibliographical catalogues, documental files, and databases, in order to extract relevant information for their research
  • Design a flexible research plan, always following the investigation goals
  • Become competent in using experimental techniques particular to Materials Science, specially those used in research
  • Have deep knowledge about the theoretical developments in the research field
  • Comprehend the most recent debates about theoretical and theoretical-practical orientations, in their discipline of research
  • Become profficient in understanding, systematizing, correlating and analysing integrated data, primary and secondary informations, from oral, written, audiovisual and diverse sources
  • Critically evaluate the results, clearly and concisely expose the conclusions of the investigation, to both experts and non-experts on the subject, catering to the critical canon of the subject, taking into consideration the public towards which the explanations are directed
  • Update and continue their training autonomically, developing an ethical focus on the professional activity
  • Being introduced to academic research, as well as innovation and productive work, based on Materials


The coordinator for the PhD Studies in Materials Science is Dr. Eva Maria Pellicer Vilà, from the Materials Science II Unit (

Materials Science PhD Program Academic Comission

The Academic Comission consists of

  • Dra. Maria Dolors Baró Mariné (UAB Physics Department)
  • Dr. Jordi Albion Cobos (ICN2, ICREA Professor)
  • Dr. Juan Francisco Piniella Febrer (UAB Geology Department)
  • Dra. Roser Pleixats Roviar (UAB Chemistry Department)
  • Dra. Concepció Rovira Angulo (CSIC Professor, ICMAB)
  • Dra. Eva Maria Pellicer Vilà (UAB Physics Department)

Administrative Management

Physics Department Secretary
Contact: Francesc Poblet
Phone: 93 581 4101
For more information, please refer to the e-mail

Chemistry Department Secretary
Contact: Elena Jiménez
Phone: 93 581 1997
For more information, please refer to the e-mai

The PhD Program in Materials Science is a formative interdepartmental project, involving the Departments of

Collaborating institutions:
  • ICMAB (Institute of Material Science of Barcelona).
  • ICN2 (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology).
  • IMB-CNM (Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona - National Microelectronics Center)

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