You will find full information on the thesis diposit at the Doctoral School website: link

Specific information for students of Ph.d. programmes offered by the Department of Physics:

depositing a doctoral thesis prepare the following documents and book and appointment to make the thesis deposit at the Doctoral School of the UAB. Be aware that you have to deliver the documents at the Secretary Office of the Department of Physics 3 labour days before the date of your appointment at the Doctoral School, in order we can check them and get them signed by the coordinator of the Doctoral Programme.

  • 2 copies of the thesis
  • 3 copies of the Deposit form
  • 1 thesis supervisor's report
  • 1 Thesis tutor's report (where appropiate). Note that you can deliver just one report signed by both your supervisors and tutor)
  • 1 Examining board proposal form
  • 1 Accreditation of merits of the examining board members
  • 1 Declaration of no connection between the examining board members work and the thesis work presented

More information: Cover format protocol

International Doctoral Research Component
If you qualify for the this component you must bring at the Doctoral School this other documents jointly with the diposit ones.
  1. Application for the International Doctoral Research Component
  2. Certificate of stay at the host institution
  3. Thesis supervisor's report to justiy the stay issued
  4. Two expert reports (these can be sent to the Doctoral School after the deposit -until the date of thesis defense- by email to:

More information: link

Examining board members: requirements



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