1. Check if you meet the general and specific access requirements of the Ph.D. program.

2. At the time of admission, the assignment of tutor, director, and line of investigation will be necessary. So please, contact to the professor/researcher of your interest to ask about your possibilities to be accepted as Ph.D. student under his/her supervision. You will find contact details at the Department of Physic website and, in case of researchers of one of the collaborating institutes, at their website (ICMAB, ICN2, IMB-CNM). Your academic tutor must be one of the professors/researchers on the list of members of the programme. Your thesis supervisor/s can be external. In this case, you must submit a scientific c.v of the external supervisor in order the Committee can verify if the scientific requirements of the programme supervisors are meet (active work in research, papers published in the last years in high impact journals, etc.).

3. Make the application for admission online in accordance with the procedure established by the Doctorate School (online admission). We remind you that your application must include: cv, passport, undergraduate and master's degree certificates and diplomas, supervisor's and tutor's letter of acceptance and PhD research project (2 pages approximately, including at least the methodology and objectives that you will have to achieve as a Ph.D. student, the means to be employed and the planned timing of your research project.

4. Once completed the online application for admission, we will check it. If applicable, a proposal for admission, duly signed by the coordinator of the programme, will be sent to the Doctoral School. Then, Doctorate School will issue an admission letter that will be sent to you by email.


You must fill in the registration form and submit it to the Secretary Office of the Department of Physics to get it duly signed by the coordinator of the programme. Once signed, you can go to the Doctoral School -by appointment- to complete the enrolment. The UAB's Doctoral School is at Masia Can Miró, Plaça Cívica, Campus de UAB, Bellaterra.
If your supervisor/s is not a professor of the UAB, please, submit the form of external supervisor/tutors as well
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Within the first three months from the date of admission and once the students have completed the enrolment, they must submit the following documents to the Secretary Office of the Department of Physics in order the Committee of the Doctoral Programme can approve the student's registration:

1.  Statement of commitment.
It is a written agreement that establishes the framework for relations between the Ph.D. student, the supervisor, the thesis tutor and the UAB, and the rights and duties of each.
Form (students of the Ph.D. programme in Chemistry)
Form (students of the Ph.D. programme in Material Sciences)

2. Application for approval of the research plan and research plan
The contents of the student's research plan must include at least the methodology and objectives that you will be achieved as a Ph.D. student, the means to be employed and the planned timing of the research project.

The application for approval of the research plan must be delivered (2 copies). Form

Regarding the thesis research plan itself, only in case, the thesis research project has been changed since admission, will be necessary to submit it. Otherwise, it is not required.

3. Code of Good practice and signature form.
The UAB is committed to the objective of achieving excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer. The Code of Good Practice, which is understood as a code of values and principles that inspire its activities and adhered to by all those taking part in them. It should, therefore, be understood that the School for Doctoral Studies has an internal set of rules including the rights and responsibilities of the supervisors, academic tutors, and Ph.D. candidates.
Signature form

4. Safety rules at lab and signature form.

All those students who develop experimental activities at the research labs of the Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry must know these Safety rules content and act according to it.
Signature form

Last step:

Once approved by the Committee of the Doctoral Programme, the student will receive (in Pdf format) the State of commitment and the Research Plan Form duly signed by all the parties in order he/she can submit it at the online Ph.D. students file.
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